Panda3D 1.2.2

I just released panda3d 1.2.2. I’d very much like it if people were to help me test it. This is an almost-trivial bugfix release. It contains four changes:

  • Adds ‘ppythonw’, a version of ppython that doesn’t open a console window.

  • If you have a bad fmod DLL in your windows folder, this version compensates.

  • Fixes a small bug in the VRML-to-egg converter.

  • Small stylistic improvements in some sample programs.

Of these, the only one that’s likely to break anything is the second one. In order to fix the DLL search-path problems, I had to move some DLLs and some EXE files from one directory to another. I wouldn’t be surprised if this caused some problems. That’s why I’d like you all to help me test this.

Wow guys you are fast.
Thanks for the information