Panda, Vista, and config.prc problems

I’ve been trying to use Panda on my laptop (running Vista), but occassionally it crashes the entire system and I have to reboot. After digging around on these forums a bit, I thought I would try to change the Config.prc file to use DirectX instead of OpenGL. However, the part that says to “Uncomment one of the following lines to choose OpenGL or DirectX” only has one line - “load-display pandagl” - so I don’t seem to be able to switch to DirectX. Can someone provide me with the missing line or suggest an alternate solution? Thanks in advance; this is a serious problem.

Hm, that’s bad documentation. Sorry about that.

Change the word ‘pandagl’ to ‘pandadx9’.

Thanks! I’m at school now, but when I get home, I’ll see if it helps any.