Panda video manual

As I will learn panda and python I will be explaining every step in full examples not just thrown codelines. I will make a video tutorials for each codeline starting from 0 and post them on youtube. com and link them here, in these post.

I will need helpers who will do the other than Blender tutorials (which I can cover myself). And by tutorials I mean from installation of the software to extracting and ready to use.

Here is the first tutorial, please tell me your opinion! … 4123009093

Looks good, but why are you installing Python separately? Panda3D comes with its own version of Python and so it’s just confusing if point people to download their own python. Just make sure you install Panda3D before blender, and blender will recognize Panda’s version of python automatically (at least it should.)
The way you do it is fine, but it might confuse people if they get 2 different python installs on their system.

Also, it might be better to install Chicken in blender’s default script directory, this way blender will recognize it automatically.

I told to install Python firstly because I had latest Python and latest Blender and they were not compatible. So the Python was mostly for Blender though almost all programs are using it.

And with that default directory you are right but since new Blenders have 3 way defaults (Windows 2000+ program directory, Blender directory or %HOME%-thingy) and I never actually told with which one should be installed I would probably got lot of Replies with “It is not working!”, so with the chicken loading explanation I escaped a lot of unnecessary questions.

This looks like a promising project look forward to any future tutorials that you may offer.