Panda Tools


is anyone using Panda Tools? I thought it would be handy, but after I enable the two switches in config.prc and load my program nothing happens. Do I need a key shortcut and if so where are they documented?


I’m beginning to suspect this can only be done in Python…

Not sure if you mean direct tools, but if so, try these 2 flags in your config prc:

want-directtools #t
want-tk #t

Yes, they are part of direct, which is mostly Python, sorry.


Thanks guys. Yes I have those settings in the prc already Tobias, it doesn’t seem to work in C++. so as rdb says must be python only.


In cmath.i i get the following compile errors when trying to build the roaming_ralph C++ example

From reading up on this, Many open source projects have had to rewrite isnan() to std:isnan() due to a collision between C++11 and C99.