Panda too "heavy" for my project?

Hi there,

I am looking at Panda to use for a 2D, top down view, hexagonal tiled turn based strategy game to be played over the internet. I was going to use PyGame or Pyglet, but PyGame’s docs are lacking and SDL has issues, and Pyglet is still new, without much higher level abstraction. The Panda3D GUI library looks far easier than anything those two have to offer as well.

Can Panda easily replicate something so primitive? This will be more of a persistent board game than anything else. I can see Panda being easier to develop with, and some added advantages of having a 3D engine (niftier effects and such), but I worry that it will be difficult to do this, compared to something like PyGame.

I use OS X, so I’m currently grabbing the latest CVS to compile, so I can test some stuff out.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


“Can Panda easily replicate something so primitive?”
Yes, Panda3d can do any thing. And there is tools to do almost any thing.
For 2d game panda3d can be heavy but as you said you can get cooler fx + networking + speed + somany other things that you dont know about yet.

I recommend all to use panda for projects great or small.