Panda Stats These normal?

Hi I ran Panda stats on my game, and found that most of the time spend on “wait” and “app”. In “wait” it says “Flip” taking most of the time and in “App” it says “collision” is. When I click down more on “collision” I see ctrav really whats taking it up. I was just seeing if this was normal or if thats what really making my game “lag” when ran on another computer.

It’s very common to spend a long time in collisions, if you did collisions naively. If you did it wisely, you (usually) shouldn’t be spending much time at all in collisions. So, sounds like you could use some collisions optimizations.

“Flip” is usually waiting for video sync. Disable video sync by putting “sync-video 0” in your Config.prc file.


KK, thanks, I updated the org. map to have smaller “cubes” for collision…

I think x2egg broke again XD… it was working the other day tho so i’m not sure why its doing this…, saying

Error in a.x at line 22019, column 21:
        { Floor11 (6) }

Invalid character ')'.

Also I want to use the EggOctree, I saw it, but not sure on how to use it, didnt get the example they gived to run in it.

You have invalid characters in one of your group names. Don’t use spaces, and don’t use parentheses.


Haha I know, but I cant help it fully, i’m not doing the code to make the .x file. It never said it befor either, so this is kinda werid.

See i’m taking my Deled map then export it to .x file, then take that .x file and turn it into a .egg file, I have’nt updated my Deled over a year, so I have to think its panda doing this sadly cuase I have updated it to the new version. Other then that idk why it would now say this.