Panda Speed?

How do I determine the frame rate fps in the tutorial examples. Is there some code I can add to the python files?

I tried airblade and the frame speed was intolerable. I have a 1ghz machine with a ati 9800 card. A dell inspiron 8600.So if this is the best that panda has to offer, then I am really really disappointed.

Does toontown use the same engine as I would download? Or has disney modified it to make it work better and now have their own version?


You can determine frame rate by editing the config.prc file, but in regards to your other question about Panda’s performance: look around on the forums. This question has been asked and answered before.

    def setFrameRateMeter(self, flag):
        Turns on or off (according to flag) a standard frame rate
        meter in the upper-right corner of the main window.

So to enable it directly in the code add the line


before the line that says


Or just enable it in the config.prc file :slight_smile:


show-frame-rate-meter 1

in your Config.prc to enable it by default.

As to Airblade’s performance, the bottom line is that that particular application does not represent the best that Panda can offer, but is rather a quick-and-dirty application that was written by students in a handful of weeks and never performance-tuned. We hope to spend some time tuning it soon; once that is done, its frame rate should be much, much better.