panda soft and internet explorer


i was wondering if i can import my 3d simulation “game” created with panda software inside my webpage (thus viewed inside a web browser)?

thnks in advance!

The simple answer is no.

The slightly more accurate answer is yes, if someone does a hell of a lot of work, i.e. you, someone else or an entire team could write plugins for the various browsers to allow panda 3D programs to run in them. This would involve lots of c++, designing a standard for distribution including restraints that make a game browser compatible and putting in a watertight security model. That last part would need to be done right for obvious reasons.

If someone were to do that it would be really, really cool. But I don’t suspect it will happen any time soon, if ever, despite it being a rather good idea - the open source world could do with a flash competitor and panda already has far more features than flash.

Hmm. Panda3D is not designed for that purpose, I’m afraid.
But, if your webserver supports python, you could let panda run without window, and stream the render output to an image file, which is passed to your browser. Difficult to do, and you need to write the controls handling yourself (using JavaScript probably). Sounds like an interesting project to try sometime.

EDIT: one minute too late :wink: