Panda sneezes.avi...

Ok,everyone knows the media player sample.It playes the Panda-sneezes.avi file.Im not gonna ask any python question.
About the video:i dont think that panda is sneezing.If you look more carefully youll see that when he is eating bread,some peaces fall on the baby panda and wake him up.I dont know why but i think the big panda is frightened when the baby panda moves.Kinda weird.What do you think? :laughing:

Hmm, I’m still convinced it’s actually sneezing. :slight_smile:
I believe Josh just grabbed this video off YouTube:
(First search result on “panda”)
On that video you can definitely hear a loud sound that rather sounds like a sneeze than like a piece of bread dropping. :slight_smile:

What i ment was baby panda frightened big panda for some reason.
Or maybe his just sneezing.Its just everytime i watch the video i feel his shocked like when someone enteres the room silently and you dont know hes there…