Panda precompiled slackware package

recently I made a slackware package of Panda3d v. 1.3.2 for personal purposes, and I thought it could be useful to others. So I uploded the .tgz and it can be downloaded from the following link: (Save link as…) (83 MB)

It has been compiled with makepanda (–everything) and includes all third-party tools and samples. It is optimized for i686 arch.
Here are install instructions on slackware shell:

user@pc: su
Password: --
root@pc: installpkg panda3d-1.3.2-i686-1.tgz

the distribution copies itself in /usr/local/panda3d/ and you need to edit /etc/ and add this line: /usr/local/panda3d/lib as root

to use ppython command without invoking it from the full path you can use the following command: export PATH:$PATH:/usr/local/panda3d/bin
Depending on your system permissions, you may have to invoke it as root in order to let it work correctly.

Finally, to uninstall all files of the package you can use different commands; I personally prefer invoking pkgtool as root :slight_smile:

Great work!

You could ask Josh Yelon if he will put it on the website here.