panda_prc file

I have trouble to access my panda.prc file under windows 7.
This one contains proxy information, for using pdeploy, and download what I need to package my game.

I know that a environnement variable must be set, I tried PANDA_PRC, and PRC_DIR but without success.


Never heard about PANDA_PRC and PRC_DIR vars. Also I not sure that pdeploy uses *.prc files. Can you explain more?

pdeploy use prc file.
In window XP, I specify in it, the proxy parameter, and pdeploy find this prc, and exploit this parameter to go through proxy definition.
I was using PANDA_PRC to specify location of prc directory.
I remember something changes on it, but I can’t remember what.
Today it uses no more my prc file, and it is annoying for me.

You must be thinking of the environment variables PANDA_PRC_DIR and PANDA_PRC_PATH. Set the former if you have all of your prc files in a single directory; use the latter to specify a whole string of directories to search (like the PATH variable).