as a part of fprimex’ classic-recreations project i’ve written this small, crappy pong clone. It’s a bit dirty, but i wanted to keep it as simple and plain as possible.

Configuration is done in the first few lines of - just look inside!
Use arrow keys for steering, Enter to restart and Escape to quit.
If you enable left pad, it’s controlled by ‘w’ and ‘s’.

Download: … loads/list
Browse Source: … pong/trunk

Hope you enjoy it.

The computer-controlled pad appears very jittery. Also, there is no way to win because there’s no way to steer the ‘ball’. Looks like the ball reflects randomly or so, but not depending on where you hit it.

rdb: I’ve filed your observations as an issue in the project.

I think it’d be fun to rework the architecture of games like this so that they can be extended using OOP. I.e. someone could download panda-pong, then inherit from it and, say, replace the paddles with their own or add effects, or change the board or game physics.

Nemesis#13: what do you think?

oh jeez! tiny but nice documented!

(comments are mostly interrupting me while reading a code.)