Panda on 64 bit Linux

I, like several other people here, have wanted to run Panda on a 64 bit version of Linux. So I ported it.

Goto the below for a .deb package and general notes on installing it. (Download link is at bottom of page.)

A warning however, I hacked the entire thing, and I suspect it might be Ubuntu Feisty Fox x64 only. So if it works for you consider yourself lucky… Also, no sound:-)

Hmmm… shouldn’t there be an emulation layer which should enable you to run 32bit code on 64bit OS?

At least Kernels allow that sort of setting - not sure if the 64bit vs 32bit modules/libs do work soooo extremely well :confused:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Yeah, there is an emulation layer. I tried it and it doesn’t work as you also need to install 32 bit versions of all the libraries it links to, including OpenGL, and I’m not sure that is even possible. Even if it is, it would be fiddly and error prone to do - there are a lot of libraries involved! Alternatively you could create 32 bit to 64 bit abstraction layers for each library, which I know is possible, but it would be an insane amount of work.

I also tried Wine with the windows version - it actually runs, right until it tries to do something graphical, at which point it crashes:-)

As far as I am aware compiling a 64 bit version is the only way. It would be nice if the Panda devs would do such a thing, maybe when they release the next version (Whenever that will be…). But until then the DIY approach is the only way, hence why I posted this thread - having it already compiled as an easy-ish to install .deb might work for someone who doesn’t have the skill or inclination to do that port themselves.

Heh. Wasn’t an insult - so having a 64bit-DEB might be a good thing and at least a try for folks running 64 bit OSes… :slight_smile:

I wonder about the 64 Bit Windows? :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Didn’t take it as an insult:-) Just wanted to make it clear that I did try the other options - porting is a lot of effort and therefore a last resort after all.

As for 64 bit Windows I’ve never run it, so don’t really know, but I’ld be surprised if it doesn’t suffer from the exact same set of issues. i.e. it will do 32 bit ‘emulation’ but require 32 bit versions of the shared libraries. Hard to see how it could be any other way.

However, because Panda is supplied with most of its libraries for windows in the installation directory and m$ has almost undoubtedly shipped most of its shared libraries with both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions for backward compatibility I suspect the graphics card drivers will be the only real problem. How hard that is to work around I don’t know.

Frankly, the easiest solution is to just run a 32 bit OS. But I’m the stubborn kind;-)

Are you going to port it or at least check it out on Gutsy? I would love to upgrade but not at the cost of loosing this great piace of work you did. BTW thanks lots! I was really missing Panda3d after I upgraded to my 64 bit computer!

I upgraded to Gutsy myself this morning, and it appears to still work, so your probably safe with that upgrade.

What I do need to do however is port the newer 1.4.1 version - it should be easier this time as some of the annoying bits of porting have been stripped out, and hopefully with the OpenAL support I can get sound working.

However, I should probably aim for something more permanent - I never checked in the updates I made last time, partially cos they were mostly hacks, but also because I am unsure of how ‘checking’ in works! But in the future it would be convenient if most if not all of the code was 64 bit ready each time - I don’t like repeating myself! Of course, all this takes time, which is something I don’t have much of right now, but we shall see.

Sound would be nice on the demos but I for one don’t want none-free sound anyway. So that said I would not spend to much time on it. I just reread your post and it looks like panda3d is not using that old sound stuff. Nice.

Also putting your work into Ubuntu so that we could just apt-get it would be nice. I don’t know how much work that is but I think you have done most of it already.
On other thing. Numlock and the number on the keypad don’t work for me. Do they for you? Do you have the skills to fix this? I know that pro-soft on a 32 bit edgy also has this problem.

BTW thanks for your work Lethe!


Yeah, it still supports the propitiatory stuff, but it has Open AL support now, which is far better, haven’t looked at that yet though. Don’t know about the numlock thing, I’ld want to check that its specifically a 64 bit problem before chasing after it - don’t know really.

As for an apt-repository, its unlikely the Ubuntu repositories would accept Panda 3D as a package due to its licensing, but I don’t believe its hard to set one up. My understanding is that its just a webserver with a specific directory structure, some indexing files and all the packages ready for installation - as .deb files which have already been created. But if that is going to happen it wouldn’t really be my thing, as you would want one for panda 3d entirely - something to be run off this website I think. Better yet, if the licensing issues could be sorted then not only could Ubuntu etc come with it as a package, but with some of the games created using it as well - and Linux can always do with more games!

I went after this topic some time ago. This is the post that I got in reply. I never followed up on it because I did not have the skills needed to make panda3d work at that time. (still don’t and glad you do!). … 00359.html

So it looks to me like it could be done.


Well, the guide for adding to the Ubuntu repositories gives licensing requirements that the Panda 3D license doesn’t satisfy, though the respondent to your previously linked post suggests otherwise - only way to find out is to go through there review process. There is also the problem that it requires that the package be actively maintained, with regular bug fixes etc - I just don’t think panda could be judged to satisfy that. We don’t even know when new releases are coming afterall, and I expect most bug fixes never make it back to the primary code base due to the lack of arrangements there.

Unfortunately, as I see it, I don’t think there is much chance of Panda getting the more mainstream attention it deserves until the licensing is fixed (The first time I ever bumped into Panda I automatically discounted it without even looking at what it is capable of, entirely due to the license.) and we get some kind of developer community going with proper code submission etc. Shame really, its a good system, but its all with Disney until they unshackle it.

Hmm, not sure what you’re on about here. Panda is quite actively maintained, and always has been; its cvs repository (which is public) gets new checkins on a daily basis. The packaged binary releases are unscheduled and a bit sporadic but tend to be made two or three times a year.

As to code submissions from the community, well, so far we’ve incorporated every patch that anyone has sent us. Have you got bug fixes to contribute? We’d love to have 'em.

We’re well aware of the problems with our license, and we’ve been working for years to replace it with a standard free license. We’ve actually been making progress in this area lately, but it is still a very slow process.


Well, to be defensive that is the first I’ve ever heard of a CVS repository, and I can’t find a single mention of it on this entire website. Now I just googled ‘cvs site:’ and found that you have a sourceforge page, repository and all. But up until this point I was of the impression that I was dealing with a brick wall beyond this forum, simply because there was no information to the contrary, and lots of talk about e-mailing changes to Disney, which doesn’t give the right impression. May I suggest a single page be added to this site, with a title such as ‘For developers’:wink:

Anyway, now I know its there I’ll make use of it, I did a 64 bit port/hack of the 3.x series, and when I find the time (with emphasis on the when.) I intend to do it to the 4.x series. (Without hacking it.)

Good luck with the license stuff though, I know what corporate lawyers are like!

yes this site needs to be better! And it will be with new layout and all :slight_smile:

Well it looks like we do have a way over that wall, mentioned on the download site, now. Perhaps the site should be updated with a link to the places new devs need to go to help.

hanging out in the #panda3d on the FreeNode irc helps gets the news and quick help on random stuff.