panda obj

Hello everyone!

I’m new here :slight_smile: I’m messing around with the panda3d engine and
was wondering if it is possible to get the panda in an obj format,
because I want to alter its apperance a little bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help,

Nope, it’s not easy to convert an .egg into .obj. You could probably convert it into an other format first (e.g. egg2x) and then use a modeling program to import that and export it into .obj.

Which modeling programms (free) can import the egg format?

How do I convert it into egg2x?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Blender can import .X files and export .OBJ files, and if used with Chicken can export EGG as well.

When I want to import it into blender, I get an error which tells me that the object has no faces.

Can someone of you can try it really quick?

here you go
It is a WIP of an app I’m working on - it’s Slim, a cousin of the original panda (he lost a lot of weight) and is already rigged. It ain’t UV though - should be a good start for you anyhow.