Panda Manual Bugs!

Was not sure where to put this, and a minor detail, but the links for the physics page: … th_Panda3D point to the 1.6.2 api docs, not 1.7.0

Hmm, do we still have the login link for the wiki under the new web design? I can’t find it.



Ah, so there you go. With the link rdb posted above, you are empowered to fix manual bugs yourself. Thanks!


This should be a sticky in my opinion.

Reporting each typo you find in the manual/website/samples to a mod was not really fast but everyone doing it themselves should make a post saying what they fixed and where.

I don’t know how to fix that

You do read the editing guidelines before editing, right?

As it says, you can work around the issue by putting this at the top of the manual page:

<span class="suppress-screenshots"></span>

hm, firefox cookie problems

same :frowning: I’ll try in chrome when i get back from work.
Says I have cookies disabled on all three browsers. I checked cookies and they are on and have cookies for media wiki.

It says it failed to log you in, but it logs you in nevertheless.

Kinda antispam?

Now that you mention it, we haven’t had any spam bots in the manual recently. Heh, you just gave me a reason not to fix this bug. :slight_smile:


setPlayRate() method can be used to set the play rate (speed) of an interval/ sequence/ parallel. setPlayRate() can be called when the interval is already running.

How about adding this to the manual page below? Was pretty useful in my case, but I didn’t know about it for awhile.