Panda is loading extremely slow


We are currently developing a 3d dvd - we show a virtual museum. The panda code loads within about 1-2minutes on a PC whereas it loads extremely slow on my ppc mac; Are there any configuration flags that could prevent panda from re-optimizing all models or flags that make this optimizations happen only once; Does Panda do expensive optimizations at all? How can i boost performance?

Any help is very welcome :slight_smile:

Nothing like that. In fact, I would expect it to load faster on a Mac than on Windows, due to the superior I/O performance of a Mac.

Are you sure the PPC build you are running was built with the same level of optimization as your Windows build?


Another important question - the default panda distribution for PCs has the model-cache enabled. This will make the loading of egg files MUCH faster after the first time. Does the mac version also have the model-cache enabled? Are you using egg files?

We are using egg files, and I donโ€™t know where i can enable the model-cache for OSX!! I think that is the reason for the performance issues!

Iโ€™d also like to know: where is the intended place to put extra LINKER flags or extra COMPILER flags?

A hint: use egg2bam to convert your egg files to binary .bam files, which load MUCH faster.

You can do as pro-rsoft says. Actually, the model-cache is a collection of BAMs. It automatically creates a BAM for each EGG.

To enable it, just set the config variable model-cache-dir to some directory where the auto-generated BAMs can be stored.

Okay! Thank you all very much for your help. I will try that and hold thumbs :slight_smile: