Panda in wxPython, keyboard and mouse focus, again

I read several topics about docking Panda in wxPython. It seems it is not yet very smooth ?

I have tried to do it on Windows XP platform: = wx.Window(…)
wp = WindowProperties().getDefault()

Panda window is successfully created inside wxPython.
However, I find that the panda window is not able receive any keyboard events. I use a Spy++ program to trace the keyboard messages, I found that all keyboard events go to its parent,

The only function call I know is setForeground.
wp = WindowProperties()
It does not help.

If I set focus using Win32 API:
self.myWorldHandle = win32gui.FindWindowEx(, 0, None, “Panda”)
if self.myWorldHandle != 0:
Then Panda can receive the keyboard events and it is working well.

Do I miss something ? Is there a better way to do it ? Or if a SetFocus api can be provided as the wx.Window refuse to pass the keyboard focus to Panda child windows.

Secondly, after I dock the panda window inside wx, I found that the default camera mouse control function is not functioning. The mouse events are properly delivered to panda window but it is not responded as usual. If I write my own mouse handlers, it works well.