panda in windows application


I would like to use the panda renderwindow in in a windows application. I mean without the consol application, and maybe put it in a picturebox, or something similar. The problem is, I have no idea how to do it. I tried in the cli, but i get ewery time a lot error, and someone say I need to use native code with windows. So i tried that, but it is the most non understandable thing in the universe. I try to use in WxWidgets, but I get a lots of error again. Soo now I would like to ask someone show me/tell me how to do that. it is the best in WxWidgets, but ewery solution is more than enough. (i would like to use a free window library, like the WxWidgets)

Get the HWND of the window you’re trying to embed it into and then use setParentWindow on the WindowProperties with which you create the window.

Thank you :slight_smile: