Panda in closed source commercial project,Clear info please?

Panda is very good engine but the license info is not clear to me!.

-Can i use panda in a closed-source commercial project freely,without releasing my c++ code to the public (python will be used for modding),I will release any non-game specific code (additions,modifications to the engine itself) to the public.

Yes. You can do this.


Great,Thanks for that quick and short :slight_smile: reply .

panda itself is not the problem but wasnt there the issue with the FMOD library when it comes to comercial stuff? dont you have to either get a FMOD license or deactivate it in panda?.. or something like this :question: i’m not that shure myself but there where quite a few threads about this issue.
not that you end up with a great game and run into fmod trouble =)

Licening FMOD would not be a problem because it is only $100,But if panda is GPL it would be impossible for an indie to buy it in a different licening model.

well i guess you have found your solution =) gratualtions!
the 100$ license wont work for huge commercial projects thought. but ok for small stuff like hobby projects and such. still free for non-comercial usage=)

thomas e

ps: dont miss to post your some screens of your work once finished =)