panda & gtkglext

Hi again,

continuing from this thread
i wondered one thing.
there is this “cairo-cube-opengl” thing on this page
i downlaoded and run it and its sorta really cool to have 3d objectes floating aroud on your desktop + it’s quite fast.
so i tried to find my way with pygtk and py gtkglext stuff but i kinda failed hard when it came to the openGL calls.
would there be any way to trick panda into rendering stuff into those gtk.drawables? the sources, both for c and python dont look terribly difficult so i just wondered.

i think you are the prime person to figure this out.

I dont think this would be this hard. i think some one has done this with QT before.

Should be possible, with WindowProperties.setParentWindow, which takes an X Window handle. … ction.html

You might be able to do something with the function returning an XID, or so.

Alternatively, you might be able to do something with 1.6.0’s new draw callback system that allows you to issue OpenGL calls on nodes.