Panda file-names: The dot-directory on all platforms?

Panda uses, I believe, the Linux style of file-path, regardless of current platform. Given this, does it also acknowledge the “dot-directory” regardless of the current platform? That is, can I reference the current directory as “.”, and rely on this functioning on all of Panda’s supported platforms?

(To explain:

I have a situation in which I’m constructing a file-path, and want to refer to the current directory.

Now, under normal circumstances I could just start the file-path with whatever follows the current directory (i.e. a sub-directory or file within it).

However, due to prior functionality, the path-construction assumes the presence of a base-directory, and has a forward-slash in place after it. As a result, if I just use a blank path to represent the current, the result is a path that begins with a forward-slash.

While it should be quite possible to rework things to make this forward-slash optional, I imagine, I’m hoping to be able to just use the simple expedient of using a dot to represent the current, thus resulting in a path that has a base directory followed by a forward-slash.

I’ve tried it out under Linux, and found that it works, I believe. I now want to check that it will keep working when run on another platform.)

Yes, . and .. also work as you expect on Windows.

Ah, excellent, and thank you! That is reassuring, and handy! :slight_smile: