Panda ffmpeg sequence format?

Hi, i would to understand if Panda3d support all (or at least one) the image format sequences described in the ffmpeg documentation:

and if it do, how to load a sequence list?


Hadn’t planned to enable FF in my project or FMOD audio cause of “licensing” BS. But I have been looking for a way to do animated image sequences on control panels and display screens, I was thinking of packing things into a 3D texture and playing them out into the 2D polygons with a shader but just have not been able to figure that out. And the “egg texture cards” is a total writeoff for me as I don’t want a stupid card separate from everything I want the animations on my model and after rereading the docs over and over have come to the conclusion the "switch node it uses probly can’t be ripped out and embedded into a model or used like a pandanode either. Better support for animated sequences is definitely a wishlist item!!!

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No you’re wrong, it can be embedded in a .egg file for animating texture on a 3d model.
In fact i’m making a plugin for 3DSMAX to create a .egg file with animated textures on 2d or 3d models.
But the problem isn’t that, is the computation efficency.
I think that “card-animated-texture” method overload much the cpu.
Instead, in theory ffmpeg and surely shader, use gpu for do their work. But shader needs to be handwritten, FFmpeg no.
Then i like shader method but i can’t do it. :slight_smile:

It would be cool if we could also use AVI or MPEG as textures directly in an EGG file, I know its possible to apply them to things tho.