Panda CVS Version 64Bit Fedora RPM

Here you can find an RPM of CVS Version of Panda3D i will update it often.
It’s Only for Fedora 64 Bit made on Fedora 11. … x86_64.rpm

Update 16.10.2009
New Upadte is uploaded with an fixed Config.prc :slight_smile:

Update 14.10.2009
New Update is uploaded.
You must manually fix the Config.prc because without this fix Panda3D will not work right.

Add this two line into your Config.prc in /etc/Config.prc

model-path /usr/share/panda3d/ model-path /usr/share/panda3d/models

Bug report for that is created.

New version is up. See first post

New version is up. 16.10.2009

For the record, there are now Fedora 12 rpms at the download page.