Panda crashing while loading egg file

Greetings !

I’m working on a project with another Panda3D developer, and we’re having a bit of a problem. I am having a problem actually.

There’s a model that he created as an egg, and it works perfectly fine with him on Windows, but it makes the load_model method crash with me on Linux.
Everything seems fine, the file exist, it’s the same as the one my coworker is using, but when load_model is called,

My debugger gave me the following traceback :

#0 ??() at :-1
#1 CharacterMaker::part_to_node(PartGroup*, std::string const&) const() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#2 CharacterMaker::make_geometry(EggNode*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#3 CharacterMaker::make_geometry(EggNode*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#4 CharacterMaker::make_bundle()() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#5 CharacterMaker::make_node()() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#6 EggLoader::make_node(EggGroup*, PandaNode*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#7 EggLoader::make_node(EggNode*, PandaNode*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#8 EggLoader::make_node(EggGroupNode*, PandaNode*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#9 EggLoader::build_graph()() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#10 ??() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#11 load_egg_file(Filename const&, CoordinateSystem, BamCacheRecord*)() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#12 LoaderFileTypeEgg::load_file(Filename const&, LoaderOptions const&, BamCacheRecord*) const() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#13 ??() at :-1
#14 Loader::load_file(Filename const&, LoaderOptions const&) const() at /usr/lib/panda3d/
#15 ??() at :-1

In case it’s needed, here’s how the call to load_model is made :

  NodePath            root = window->get_render();

  // Load the model + textures
  // WARNING lpip.egg segfault
  //if (data["model"].Value() == "lpip.egg")
  //  data["model"] = "horse.obj";
  // END lpip.egg segfault
  _root = window->load_model(_window->get_panda_framework()->get_models(), "models/" + data["model"].Value());

I can prevent the bug by loading another model. But that’s not really a fix ^^ !

What can I do to fix this ?