Panda Coding with Python in Visual Studio 2012

Hello all,

Sorry if this is a duplicate post but I just ran across this addition to Visual Studio.

Personally I do a lot in Visual studio for other coding projects and I am used to the interface. However the lack of python support caused me to use other tools when I was working with the python side of Panda3D. After loading the pytools from codeplex, for VS2012 creation of a project from existing sources was a breeze. ( I have python from Panda as my default ) After setup of the project I have auto completion and code searching as well as debugging. One thing that I will point out about the auto completion, I have not 100% tested this to make sure that it is tracking down all of the available items, or just parroting back things that have already been seen in local code. One cool feature that I have always loved is the right clicking on an object and selecting goto definition. VS now provides a list of choices where it ‘thinks’ the object came from, allowing you to select and jump there ( even other source files ) I have tried this with other tools and not had any success.

Non the less it appears to be a ‘workable’ solution at least for me to keep using the same tool for all of my coding.


Sounds very useful, thanks for sharing!

What version of the Python Tools for VS2012 are you using, and did you have to do some setup or additional steps to get intellisense working? I checked out this nice codeplex project around version 1.1, half a year ago or so, but I have not been able to get intellisense working with Panda3D. I think because of the .dll extensions of the Panda3D Python modules which requires some tricks to load them.

I’m also testing VS 2012 + Panda3D.
And I fail getting the intellisense right, miserably.
I absolutely have no clue what I should do to get intellisense right. At first I my tought was just to load panda3d.dll as a refernce. But that doesn’t do anything.

I don’t know why this isn’t working, it’s like some magic is going on with Panda3D. It’s to bad, coding without intellisense is really a waste of time.

The lateste version: Python Tools 2.0 Alpha.
I only tried referencing with the DLL’s. My knowledge is not that good with this kind of things. So if you have additional information, I would be glad.