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Is a panda code-snippet repository a good addition to the site??

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  • no

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Hi all,

I am using panda for a long time now, and all I really miss is a comprehensive code repository / code snippet site.

Maybe an idea? Just want to have your opinions.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about adding something like that to my pages.

Hehehe great minds really do think alike :smiley:.

I want something like this so badly that I’ve started my own little personal code repository at

At the moment, I’m just using it to store my own little snippets of working code, and other useful bits that I copy from the forums, so it’s not ready for public viewing just yet.

However, I think it would be absolutely fantastic if Panda3D had its own official ‘Code Repository Wiki’ that everybody could contribute to. I’d happily transfer all my bits and pieces to it (whether they’d be of use to anybody is another matter :unamused:).

I hope it happens.

I think it would be a good idea.
Maybe we can avoid many questions like “How can I get fullscreen”
if we have online examples.
We can start with the samples which are installed and add some new one

Well, i’ve taken it onto myself to manage the code repository,

check it out at:

i’ll upload the first snippet today.



Hey Meil that’s great! Glad to see you’re using pbwiki too :smiley:. Anyway, check your private messages, I’ve sent you some info that might be useful.


Well, I think a forum section dedicated to Code snipplets would be fine too. Whatcha think about this idea? In that way the whole thing is kept “central”…

However, just an Idea… Another one would be an appendix for the manual that contains code snipplets, but of course, thats just another idea :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Hehehe, I really don’t care what form it takes, just so long as we can get some working code examples (actually, let me qualify that; ‘so long as we can get lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of working code examples’ :smiley:).

Sadly, this is an area where I think Panda3D kind of falls down, the manual, tutorials and sample code are great, but they just don’t go far enough or in-depth enough. I’ve read them all backwards and forwards, and they just leave me hungry for more.

It’s incredibly frustrating for beginner’s like me, who are really trying their best to learn Panda3D, but face a real struggle trying to find examples to learn from.

So I say, the more code the better. A few more sample games to study wouldn’t go amiss either :unamused:.


Yeah, I know what you’re talking about … I busted my @$$ for over 2 weeks to get the (very basic) hang of collision handling for example.

I think that the code repository could make the community somewhat more “accesible” and definetly more active. I think that some people who, initially, might like the software get turned down by the lack of in-depth articles on the engine.


w00t! Your Code snipplets section is there! :slight_smile:

Have fun :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

yes, yes, it’s running. But I need snippets people, so send 'em. please?