Panda classes

Hi folks

Please tell me,are those classes listed in refenece usable under c++?They are looks like python classes.
And if they are not,does exist a list of c++ panda 3d engine classes?

A lot of the classes in the reference are C++. In fact, a rule-of-thumb is: all the classes that are in python importable using pandac.PandaModules are usable in C++, plus a few from direct that start with a C.

What exacly do you mean?

When using python, there are two roots to import you can choose from. You can import stuff from the “direct” tree, or from the “pandac.PandaModules” module. The latter contain the C++ modules, the former mostly Python.

In the API reference, you can see the import command for a class – if it imports the class from “pandac.PandaModules”, you can be pretty sure you are able to use it from C++.

you mean that^?
Ok,but as far as I can recognize,this is python,not c++.And I’m going to not use python…
so how to use that class AnalogMode for example in pure C++?#include ?

That’s explained over here.
e.g. in the case of AnalogNode:

#include "pandabase.h"
#include "pointerTo.h"
#include "analogNode.h"

int main() {
  PT(AnalogNode) your_analog_node = new AnalogNode(clientBase, "dvc name");
  return 0;

(That code is not valid. I have no idea what AnalogNode does at all. Do note that since AnalogNode inherits from ReferenceCount you need to use Panda’s smart reference-counting system.)

that’s what I’ve needed,bing thanks and beer to you pro-soft :slight_smile: