Panda and Vista

Will panda work on windows vista?
I read a document on and it seems that opengl doesn’t run too well on vista. Will this effect panda?

even if vista should cause trouble for opengl you should still be able to use dx8/9 on windows. vista has more issues check openAL for nice sound-trouble with dx-sound^^ (shouldnt affect pandas sound,thought)
well if opengl is broken it will affect all opengl programmms. including panda. but there is dx you can use as fallback

Works great. I use it on vista with no problems whatever.

Please can you do me a favor and run panda with opengl. Look at your framerate. Then run with Dx. See which is faster.
I read somewhere that MS purposefully slowed down OpenGL in vista.

If it is ok can I send you a small opengl app that just has a cube.
I want to know if it will run.
Is that ok?

what is your email address so I can send it, if you will help?

Any results on the speed comparison?

I think I’d recommend hitting the problem with more than just one cube—even if Microsoft did something unusual to the OpenGL implementation, a scene with a single cube would probably be simple enough that you couldn’t find detectable differences.

I’m not sure it’d be worth it to do such a speed comparison at this juncture, in any event. My understanding is that there are currently many issues with 3D graphics in Vista, including driver-based performance degradation. My hunch is that numbers you get today might be different in three months. :wink:

Still, as an academic exercise a performance comparison is always a good idea!

Best of luck,

OpenGL is not purposely slower in Vista, it seems to be the case only when OGL is used on the top of DirectX.

Anyway, because Panda3D doesn’t support DX shaders, I don’t think DX is really usable for todays video games. OpenGL is a standard and must work well under Vista. Since great games use OpenGL, Vista has to support it unless windows will loose it’s reputation of best gaming platform.

read about direct sound?..tried playing F.E.A.R under vista^^ … nice sound… stereo only. no and i mean NO special soundeffects at all (like hall, doopler and whatever not). openAL page provides some information on it.
well ogl should run fine on vista. if not they really cut themself. many programs depend on it (not only games, many others do, especialy in the industry (architecture, engineering etc.)

when it comes to sound&vista things could get ugly, afaik vista has no support for eax… whole directsound hardware support seems to be dropped. i dont know how fmod performs on vista but i read that that there are issues, too.
openAL seems to be a choice.