Panda and Resolutions.

All right, I think what I need right now is just a bit of explaining. There is something about the connection between window resolution and render quality that I must be missing.

Ok, so in my understanding when default panda starts up in DirectStart, it starts up a graphics window of size 640x480 (pixels) with all of the art and textures seemingly the same quality as how I modeled them etc. If i then take that same window, and simply fullscreen it - then the window is still (rendering) at 640x480, just now its taking many pixels and treating them as one pixel with respect to the native resolution of my screen. In this case, the quality is very very low, lines look jagged etc.

As far as that goes, I think I understand. But, as i was foodling with the resolutions, as one would imagine as i boosted the resolution up (in fullscreen) the quality of textures models etc went up (closer to what i modeled them at). The really strange thing is i was able to get the resolution up far past the what would be max for my monitor, and the quality was still increasing(until it wouldnt start the graphics context at like 2200xsomething (4x3 ratio)); thus my new found confusion.

If anyone wouldnt mind taking some time, and explain to me the relationship between modeled textures etc and rendering resolution I would greatly appreciate it, as well as why i can push the full screen resolution past what my monitor should be able to handle.

I must be missing some major part of understanding in the pipeline. Especially concerning quality of textures and their relationship to in-game quality.

Thanks for the help, and reading through this wall of text in advance.

this is less an issue of rendering textures. it looks more like switch your system-resolution to 640x480+fullscreen. dunno why exactly this happens. might be some os-dependant thing.
for now. try to increase your window-size before switching to fullscreen mode. might help. dunno for sure.

Do you use this or what :