Panda 3d

Can Panda 3d be used to make world of warcraft in game?

I don’t really understand your question. Did you mean whether Panda3D is capable of something like a WoW-clone? If so, yes. It’s up to you to make the game itself, though.

Well panda3D like other game engine or renderer engine can do MMORPG style game if it’s your question.

Panda3D is use by Disney in ToonTown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

But an engine it’s only an engine.
Some are more easy to use like Panda3D but you need to code what you want/need to do.

just another note on WoW-like games^
making a game look like WoW is easy.
you can even use WoW models and stuff (in case your game is for educational purpose only or otherwise matches the license blizzard put on his artwork)

the really tricky part would be the server for a WoW like game. you would have to write it yourself. and a MMO server is about the worst thing you can start with if you start game-developing.

like mentioned before. panda on the clientside is a good choice.
have a nice day :slight_smile:

Ok because my development team, 27 people, is looking into creating a real time zelda style 3rd person shooter and fantasy race game. Its ww2 fantasy vs fantasy like world of warcraft. It has vehicles and battlefield behicle physics for dragons and vehicles.

This game is complex and makes world of warcraft look simple. The thing is, can Panda 3d support this?

We have tried a few other game engines and it was not great. Realm Crafter was no where near what we needed and not.

We would like to get started right away with a game engine and we are talking about the Big World Tech engine but that one would have to have heavy modifications to support in game. PUYA Development is a complex game and we are going to create it in game.

panda can handle pretty much everything if you do it right.
there are lots of ways of screwing something up, just like with any other engine,too.
but panda provides some powerfull tools. pstat amongst them. which allows you to easily find bottlenecks. other things like the “flatten” method will also come in handy.

since panda is no genre-specific engine it’s good for pretty much everything. it’s less optimized for complex indoor-scenes by default but works too. if you have a few c++ coders in the team you could enhance panda quite easily to fit your needs (for example if you really need a bsp-process for indoor-levels badly.).

why not try to create a small demo level packed with stuff you like to see and check how well it performs without , and with some optimizing :slight_smile: