Panda 3d

Im very excited to start using panda 3d. I love it so far becasue of its simplicity, I do not have to have large programs to build the engine.

I have tried out the engine a while ago, but now that I have see the new updates, I am willing to put in more effort.

Although…I do have a few questions. Does this engine have a type of anti-aliasing built in or a way to enable it?

Is the engine powerfull enough to handle a extremely vast scene, such as a space scene or a semi-seamless fantasy world?

Also, what are its networking capabilities

Thanks all…Dont know why I made this thread…Kinda like an intro I guess. :unamused:

P.S The screenie of the spaceship on the home page…is it in-game or a render? Me guesses it a render :stuck_out_tongue:

There are no renders on this website. The image of the big black spaceship on the homepage is a very-slightly edited screenshot. The actual original screenshot is here: … 20game.png

To do antialiasing, you use the video card’s built-in capabilities. To turn them on, you use this:


For more information about that, look here in the manual:

To do a very vast world, a game engine needs to be smart enough not render things that are far from the player, or hidden behind other objects. Panda3D does have mechanisms to not render things that are far away. Sadly, the manual doesn’t explain the LODNode yet… it’s one of the gaps in the manual. Still, we can explain it easily enough when the time comes.

Panda3D does not contain mechanisms to not render things that are hidden behind other objects. For that, you’re on your own - you would have to use your own knowledge of your own game’s spatial layout to hide and unhide things that are not visible. This is a known weakness in Panda3D.

Networking capabilities: Panda3D has a distributed object system, which I don’t particularly care for, but some people like it. Some people have obtained networking layers elsewhere and used them in conjunction with Panda3D.

Wow, thanks alot, that was a fast answer. Well, I might have some more questions later on… But for now I better start learning panda! :smiley:

Thanks for all of your help!

Well, I have a question…Is there a maximum amount of polys to a scene?

And what is a good amounts of polys for an environment piece such as a tree or rock(About).

there are no limits enforced by the engine.
all the rest depends on many things.
mostly on your hardware.
other things that influence performance are:
-number of geoms/nodes
-texture sizes
-effects you use like per-pixel lighting and co
-the size of your triangles onscreen.

btw. the number of polys per scene pretty much doesnt matter. the ones which are actually visible matter the most.

modern hardware usualy can handle 30k triangles onscreen without trouble.(in an average scene). some might be able to handle tons more.

about your question. how many triangles should a (insert object here) have:
the answer is the same all the time:
as few as possible to let it look good

it really depends on your type of scene. sometimes you can use 20 triangles for a tree… sometimes you need 2000.
so just try it out. make 5 similar looking rocks, one with 20 polys, one with 100 one with 500 one with 2000. in best case take the lowest detailed one which still looks the same as the higher detailed ones :slight_smile:

it’s more important optimize your scene into something panda friendly than reducing the scene by a few triangles.
small example. friend of mine made a piece of ground. made from 64x64 squares… he got 17 fps. after changeing 2 lines of code to combine the squares into a more efficient way his framerate jumped to 600fps (triangle count didnt even change)
so dont worry if panda seems slow even thought you have a really simplistic scene. you might just need to restructure it a little.

panda provides good tools to identify bottle necks so no need to worry :slight_smile:

thomas e.

Okay, thankyou :slight_smile: I keep finding out about some great features in this engine.

One more…If I were to model a scene in blender made of seperate objects all placed around an environment. If I loaded the model into panda. Would they keep their location, or would they all center at a certain point.

they keep their positions. there is no reason why they should gather in one spot (except a serious bug which would’ve been fixed before the exporter wouldve been released)

Hmmm, doesnt it depend where the pivot point of a object is? If you export from 3ds max, the object pivot is allways at 0/0/0 of the scene. So if you export from it all objects keep the position even if exported separately.

I dont know how blender handles a object pivot.

the chicken exporter handles it correctly. and even if it would not. it would be very easy to add. but it works just fine :slight_smile: you are free to try it out if you dont belive it :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought id just repost in this thread instead of starting a new one :slight_smile:

Anywhoo… I cant seem to get the normal maps to work, I know how to use them in blender. But when I export them to .egg, I use the preview. And enable lighting “l” the per-pixle-lighting “p”

This is what it says to do in the manual to see the normal map in effect.
I cannot test the normal map samples becasue the models are in .egg format so I cannot import them into blender :S.

I have both the normal map and the color map so I just dont know how! :blush: :cry:

about chicken. i dont know if normal maps are exported correctl yet or exported at all at this moment. if they are exported at all. be sure to check the egg file in a texteditor and see if the texture names and paths are correct.

As I understand it, the chicken exporter hasn’t added support for normal maps yet.

Hmm…haha. Then how can I be able to use normal maps :frowning:

EDIT: Does maya use a seperate exporter to convert to egg? Becasue in the manual, it says

The last step sounds like its using the chicken exporter :confused: Because those hotkeys can enable all the same funtions in the preview.

The pview program belongs to Panda3D, not to any exporter. It’s just for previewing any .egg file, it is not specifically meant to display .eggs exported by Chicken.