Panda 3D Usage - Animation

Hey, I’d like to ask something. Can I use Panda3D create simulation games (like Harvest Moon) and RPG (like Final Fantasy)? Can I create animated film after creating the games (animation based on the games’ data, like Disney Animation)? Thank you very much :smiley:

It’s not about the software. It’s rather a matter of your resources: your skills, time and partners.

thanks, how about the creating the film? For example I created Ragnarok Game, can I create the animated film afterwards (using the previous data)?

Let me say it like this: If you knew HOW to do it, you’d know IF you can do it.

But to speak freely, yes you can basically use all assets you’re using in a game for creating a video animation. The packages you use to create 3d models usually provide everything that’s required to animate and render everything.

thanks again, hehehe. I don’t know much about these stuffs.
Can I ask one more question? It’s not related to Panda 3D though.

I’m interested in games industry. Is it wise if I choose Computer Science Major at college, since I like programming?

Will programming be still useful in games industry if I use game engine?
Thank you, sorry if I ask much
(I can play piano, I’m not good at drawing & I live in Indonesia, SouthEast Asia, for consideration)

I think it’s always a good idea to study in areas that actually interest you. Since you say you like programming, I heartily recommend studying computer programming in school. (Of course, there’s no reason to wait for college; you can learn computer programming on your own.)

Note that “computer science” is a broader category that includes more than just programming, by the way; but it’s all related.

In any case, there will always be a need for skilled computer programmers in the games industry. Game engines do not take away the need to write programs.


josephnw lagi galau. :stuck_out_tongue:

@drwr : Thanks, I also love math & logical things, too. But I’m still confused in my college program, actually. It’s a bit hard to know what suits me best
@ynjh_jo : hahaha, iya nih. Kenalan?