Panda 3D to make interactive presentations

Im new hire.Im illustrator and designer.
Im study python for 7 months and I use Blender 3D in my jobs. Now I need do dinamic things. Ex.: Interactive products presentation, place tour, etc…
I love A Vampyre Story…
Can anybody help me in a way to learn Panda 3D?

Firstly I’d advise you take a nice learning curve towards Python, you can find great tutorials for Python simply using google.

And then you can either:

Try and understand Panda3d, by looking at sample code found in every distribution of panda3d. (For instance I mostly learned from using the sample programs and modifying them, now I understand most of the core elements of Panda3d)


Read through the manual and it will describe most of the things you would ever need to use in a game, you can find the manual under the menu bar at the top of the site, by going to Documentation->Manual

Using those two methods are what helped me the most, I’d definitely suggest practicing Python programming, unless you already have a knowledge of programming in general, then it could be really rough to start out learning Panda3d and Python at the same time, considering Panda3d is after all only an extension to the Python language. (A large one, still, only an extension, hence why programming basics are non-covered in the manual, only Panda3d-related things are)

Tks powerpup 118!
Im studing the exemples now… and I will learn in manual too!