Panda 3D manual

Hi, I am a newbie in Panda3D and I would like to know if I can download the Manual if there’s any. :slight_smile:

I think there is no such manual available for PANDA3D. This forums are very helpful to a newcomer.

Welcome to the forums!

You can surely download the manual. :slight_smile: I forgot to put it on the download page for 1.7.1, though…

I think this board should consider a manual that can help newcomers like me.

I think the manual is already pretty good for newcomers. Or do you mean newcomers to programming in general? In that case, it won’t happen, because Panda3D is a library targeted at developers, so programming experience is naturally required.

The manual is great and it provides you some usefull links to manuals, like A Byte of Phyton, is a good free book : P. … reparation

But is you are a beginner in game desing in general, if you want, check out some forums like too.

Hernán XP.