Panda 3D Level Format

Well, I was looking at toontowns files and noticed these .dna files.
I learned what they did, and they store level info such as models, there
texures, and nodepaths.
I made my own version of this.
Well here it is, the comments should explain most of it and the format.

Well this is all well and nice if you can provide tools to edit and manage this format. I think you have lots of catchup with the egg format in the tool department.

So why not just use egg? If you did not know you can include egg files in egg files just like in your new format.

From*che … Syntax.txt

Even if you do require new features why not just use the egg format to add them too? Egg format is already a staple of panda3d formats i frankly don’t see a reason for another one.

If you want to use custom format for your levels thats fine! I do too (my format is a SQL database schema) and we all do that at some point, but I don’t see it being a useful inclusion in panda.

Sorry if this is not the reply you where looking for…

That’s ok, I just wanted to see some input
on this and what other people thought of it.
I am beginning to work on an editor for it though.