Panda 3D Featured Video + Getting Started

Cheers Panda community. Just dropping a quick heads up (hopefully in the right spot), that I just featured Panda3d in a new video series called The Others, that focuses on slightly lesser known game engines that people really should be aware of. I am no subject matter expert, so if any questions raised in the comments perhaps someone from the community can address them. I also did a quick video on getting started with Render Pipeline for people that were interested in the first video and wanted to try it for themselves.

Panda 3D Game Engine – “The Others” Game Engine Series

Panda3D + Render Pipeline – Getting Started

Cheers and great work on the engine! Keep it up.


Wow, these videos are great! Thanks!

Awesome… now we need some projects that uses PBR to showcase Panda3d’s capabilities