Panda 3d Class?


Ever think about putting on a Panda 3d class for people outside of the ETC?

Or maybe you could offer it at the ETC but with the ability for non-students to attend as well, not for credit.

GarageGames started “Torque Boot Camps” where you kind of get a crash course in Torque development. They have both commercial and indie tracks.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’d be willing to pay for something like this. Of course I live on the east coast.

Once I learn Panda a little better I thought about spreading the word myself at the local Python User Group. I’m not quite comfortable enough with Panda 3d though for that yet :smiley:

If not you, maybe someone else could teach the course. I think it would be a great way to get interested users/developers of Panda together to exchange ideas, knowledge and socialize.

I really liked the video lectures by David on Panda 3d. If there are anymore of those around I wouldn’t mind having access to them.


p.s. I know you have a lot your currently doing, however, we are talking for pay here :slight_smile:

Interesting idea.

No matter how much you paid me, there’s no way I could do another thing. But maybe it’s something a student could do…

Well, I can understand where you are coming from. That’s why I hate asking involved questions on the forums some times :slight_smile:

Maybe as the Panda community grows we’ll be able to see if there is a demand for something like this.

Just a thought anyway.


How about filming your classes? We could then purchase them for download and the cash could go to helping the ETC, or maybe we could donate money to a panda3d pot for helping to pay for server hardware, bandwidth, and so on, that keeps this place alive?

Just a thought as some of us will not be in the same country :slight_smile:

That would work too!

And sorry Sandman, I forget sometimes that the Internet is global :smiley:


I have a problem with the first lecture by david. I do not have the audio for the lecture after 30 minutes into the lecture. I have downloaded the lecture twice and the same problem persists.

Is this a known issue? I have not seen anyone complain on the forum about it.

Please suggest a remedy if it exists.