panda 3d change something in gtk on vista 64 ?

Hi people, it’s me again.

After the calculation problem on ATI + vista 64 (which is still not resolved), I have another problem on the same computer. This time, it’s gtk which has a strange behavior.

Here is the code :

import gtk

message = gtk.MessageDialog(None, 0, gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR, gtk.BUTTONS_OK, "test")
response =

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

message = gtk.MessageDialog(None, 0, gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR, gtk.BUTTONS_OK, "test2")
response =

On linux, windows xp or windows vista 32 bits, the behavior is correct.
But, on my vista 64 + ATI test machine, I have the following result :

The first gtk box is displayed correctly:

Then panda is launched and the second gtk box is displayed like that :

There is no text !!!
I tried in pandagl, pandadx8 and pandadx9 and the result is the same.

So, does Panda change anything relative to gtk when launched ?
Cause I can’t find anything to solve this and it adds another problem for this machine :confused:

Certainly Panda doesn’t do anything to muddle around with gtk intentionally. It could well be another manifestation of the same problem with your ATI drivers.

Try running in tinydisplay (requires 1.6.x). This will run in software only and thus avoid engaging your ATI drivers. If that works, it proves it is a problem with your drivers.


The same problem occurs with tinydisplay. :confused:

Hmm, that is strange. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that another window has been opened, and some of the gtk window events are being routed to the wrong window?


If there is only the second window, the problem is still here. :confused:
When I launch panda in a process, and gtk in another, the problem is not present. It’s only when Panda and GTK are in the same process.

I tried with a Vista 64 and an Nvidia card and the problem is not here anymore.

I also tried on Vista 64 and Nvidia and tinydisplay and the problem is here again. So Panda is really doing something (if I understand correctly the purpose of tinydisplay).

It’s really strange.