Panda 2.0 and python 3

Will panda3d 2.0 be scriptable with python 3.0?

Probably not, I don’t see much reason to. We’ll probably keep it in mind when building Panda 2 though.

Well, one reason might be the growing popularity of Py3k and the packages/modules, which soon (an year or so?) only will be up to date with Py3k, i guess.
Python 3 also might have other features Panda users will profit from (don’t ask me which ones. I’m not that much into this).

I have to agree with rdb , python 2 is still the standard , there too few libraries that have moved to python 3. However on the other hand 2.7 has been the last 2 release for python, that means that there wont be any new updates for python 2 apart from bug fixes. And python 3 is certainly the future there is no denying that.

But there is no need to hurry into python 3, since the vast majority of libraries out there are still available for python 2. I think the time to move will be suitable when those libraries start to drop support for python 2, in a sense that they wont offer any more updates for that version of python.

But I dont see that happening for at least the next 5 years.