Panda 1.3.2 in Ubuntu 6.06 OpenGL glx dont supports...

I am using a nvidia-glx (package) driver for hardware rendering in panda but when i try to run a python the following message shows! I think it should be because i do not type “nvidia-glx-config enable” but if i’ll use this comand my X dont runs when i restart my pc (because xorg.conf is changed).

Can you run other opengl programs?

Also, after running “nvidia-glx-config enable” X should be restarted. Running “nvidia-glx-config disable” should put the old xorg.conf back. I have an init script that runs nvidia-glx-config en/disable automatically at startup and shutdown. It came with the Fedora package with the nvidia driver, so I don’t know for sure what happens if you do this manually.

hmm… weird…
Maybe you need some more packages?
Try installing the mesa packages too.

PS: you don’t have to post another topic for this. next time, do it in the previous topic.

I had problems wich to find a driver to my nvidia geForce 4 MX device. But now it’s fixed. It’s just versions conficts in the synaptc
So i have used nividia-glx package driver in the ubuntu repositories.
But i can’t run some examples like shader example.

this is normal??
i need a device more powerfull??

What video card are you using exactly?
It could be that your video card doesn’t support shaders.

geforce4mx dont support shaders… it’s basically the gf2 chip. there are some programmabale “somethings” but nothing you could use as shader. gf3 and gf4TI are the first geforce cards with shaders support (very basic so only very few examples work)