Panda 1.0.5 with Python 2.3 or 2.4?

Is there any place where i can download Panda 1.0.5 with Python 2.3?

I have now knowledge to compile it myself.

p.s. the downloads page could make available the 2.3 and 2.4 Python versions.

I could not try even a line, but it looks to me that this is a very good 3D Engine. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it!! :smiley:

You’ll have to compile Panda yourself if you want version 1.0.5 to run against Python 2.3 or 2.4. But note that Panda comes with its own version of Python 2.2, so if you just want to try it out, you don’t have to worry about what version of Python you already have installed.

Sorry but i could not run it on my machine wich have Python 2.3.4

It gives an error on “”, (in line 282, with yield, top, …), not sure, cause i’m without net at my machine, have to go out of home to access the net.

The strange thing is that the error is that the os in my original Python folder, not the panda’s python folder.

I know that if i uninstall python 2.3 all will go ok, but really don’t wan’t to.

Thank you!

Just a curiosity, how much time does it take to compile on a Pentium3, more or less?

Do you have the environment variable PYTHONPATH pointing to your installed Python? If so, try clearing it. Python doesn’t need this variable set, and it can fool Panda’s Python into trying to load the wrong files.

I usually give my PIII-233 machine a couple of hours to build Panda from scratch.


Thank you, i’ll disable the PYTHONPATH.

Do you know if Blender finds Python without this variable (yes, another Blender adicted)?

I want to say Pentium4 3000, not Pentium 3, sorry.

I manage to build Panda yesterday with Python 2.3.5 (took 42 minutes), but some of the tutorials were not runing, so it’s better to wait for the next version (have no time nor knowledge to spend infinite hours trying to fix my builds).

Starting now in Panda’s world!! :smiley:

p.s. A downloadable version (for print) of the manual and the API could be very good!