Palette Texture Usage

I found a handy tool on the net that generates animated explosion textures. I’d really like to use this tool, but there is a slight problem. It generates a palette where the frames of the animations are arranged in a grid within a single png file.

I’m curious if there is an easy way to convert this into an animated sequence in Panda. I’d rather not have to cut it apart into individual files by hand so that I can use egg-texture-cards to create the sequence. Any ideas?

Not fully sure how you can do it, but more it less it should be as simple as changing a card’s UV to the texture grid.

I would use imagemagick for cutting the animations into single pictures. Imagemagick is a graphics editor with a command line interface, so to say. This allows it to be easily used for batch work. Cutting a grid of images should be pretty much one command.

If you can’t manage it, send me the animation and i’ll split it for you.

I’ve ended up only using 16 frames for a half-second animation, so cutting it up by hand isn’t actually very difficult.