PackPanda Woes from a Newbie

Disclaimer: I’m a newbie!

I made a very simple file that has the following text:

I ran packpanda --dir hw and got this back:

Can someone please tell me what’s happening here? Much appreciated!

It is a bug with 1.5.3. Install 1.5.2 or try to fix it:

Open “Your Panda3D Directory”/direct/src/directscripts/

There is a function CompileFiles. Replace every occurence of “string” with “file”. Afterwards the function looks like:

def CompileFiles(file):
    if (os.path.isfile(file)):
        if (string.endswith(".egg")):
            egg2bam(file, file[:-4]+'.bam')
        elif (string.endswith(".egg.pz")):
            egg2bam(file, file[:-7]+'.bam')
        elif (string.endswith(".py")):
        else: pass
    elif (os.path.isdir(file)):
        for x in os.listdir(file):
            CompileFiles(os.path.join(file, x))

Thanks for your prompt response! It’s working now. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.

Just seen another fancy thing. The comment in this file includes the following line:

“NSIS, the netscape scriptable install system”


NSIS is the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System ( from Nullsoft. They have nothing in common with Netscape.

Thanks, just fixed this in the cvs.
And yeah, someone was definitely confused with NSPR somehow when writing this code :slight_smile:

I feel better now. When I got that error on such a simple example I initially thought it was me doing something wrong. Thought I was losing my marbles. :open_mouth: