Packpanda - packing too much

When using packpanda it does a nice installer package but it includes too many files that are not related to the application i wrote. For example all sample programs are included.

How could i create a package that will include only the minimum required, like: Python with only the modules i use, panda with only the modules i use.

Thanx in advance

I followed the manual and got about 30 mb installer without any game assets. When extracted it is about 120 mb, which is a lot if you ask me. There should probably be a way to not include FMOD or OpenAL, or ODE. Look in the manual for that.
But my installer didnt have all the sample folders, youre doing something wrong.
PS. But it had the models folder by default, weird

I got also a 30mb installer and 127 mb when extracted.

Panda3D 1.7.0 will deprecate packpanda and provide an alternative tool that does a much better job at packing games.

A better job?