PackPanda in C++

does it work?

No, since you wouldn’t (imho) need any packing in c++. If you compile your executable, it looks to me like its packed enough :slight_smile:

Or, do you mean you want to create an installer for your game?

how do i send it over to the designer? when they open the .exe it requires libpanda.dll

packpanda is basically a python script which collects some information and then creates a configuration script for NSIS. NSIS is what packs everything into one executable installer.

So you have two basic options:
(1) Look at Panda3D-1.4.2\direct\src\directscripts\packpanda.nsi & .py, and fill in the .nsi config by hand.
(2) Use another free installer tool, for example (don’t forget: RTFM)

  • WiX (the first open source project by Microsoft, download from sourceforge!!!). Used this before with good success.
  • InnoSetup
  • NSIS

On the other hand: as long as you don’t distribute your application I think it is far more pragmatic to just zip everything together and hand it to your fellows.


Or just require them to install Panda3D :slight_smile: seems to me like the best solution.