packp3d wont work

i downloaded the runtime and used the python console (tried cmd as well) and I typed

jpackp3d -o lego.p3d -d c:/users/wayne/desktop/python practice/panda3d/move

and its giving me an invalid syntax error

It’s packp3d, not jpackp3d. Maybe c:/users/wayne/desktop/python and practice/panda3d/move are considered as two different arguments, you can try renaming python practice using a name without spaces, or with quotes e.g.

packp3d -o lego.p3d -d "c:/users/wayne/desktop/python practice/panda3d/move"

I’ve not tried that, it’s only a supposition (I’m not a Windows user and I can’t try).

here is an image of the errors I get in the python console and the cmd console

packp3d is not a Python command, it’s a program, so you must launch it by console (like you’ve done in the right window), and not inside the Python interpreter.

You could copy those error messages here, so someone can understand what’s happening.

well I tried it again and this time it created the .p3d file but during the run it said some modules are missing and when I double click on it a black window comes up for a second and thats it

i tried in the cmd

it said panda3d is not recognized as a command

You could launch the p3d file from the console (with something like panda3d lego.p3d) and read what the application prints.

i also tried just typing in lego.p3d and that did the same thing it did when I double clicked on the icon

heres a video of what it does

Did you install the Panda3D Runtime?

yeah, it worked last time i used it but the .p3d file wont work right now

Try looking at your logfiles, in c:\Documents and Settings<your name>\Application Data\Local Settings\Panda3D\log . Note that this is a hidden folder.

These log files should give you information about why it’s not able to run. There must be something about your application which is not correct for running in a p3d environment. The log file will tell you what the error message is.


it says its missing panda3d.core

and libdirect

File "C:\Users\wayne\Desktop\Pythonpractice\Panda3d\move\", line 36, in __init__
    self.dude.setPos(legox, legoy, legoz)
  File "C:\buildslave\release_rtdist_win32\build\panda3d\built_cmu\direct\showbase\", line 169, in loadModel
IOError: Could not load model file(s): ['Lego_man_CompleteA2.egg']
:TaskManager: TaskManager.destroy()
:display: Closing wglGraphicsWindow
Failure on startup.

is this what your talking about? it says it cant load the .egg file but it doesnt have that problem when I run the .py through the console

its also showing

:ShowBase: __dev__ == 0
:loader(error): Extension of file Lego_man_CompleteA2.egg is unrecognized; cannot load.
Currently known scene file types are:
  Bam                             .bam

when I converted the .egg files to .bam and replaced them in the code it now works but still throws the same codes, but it works…but if i was to distribute it would I have to only send the .p3d file or everything?

Ive now got it runnong on a webpage it says no signature application has been unsigned, and wont allow it to run

Normally, for an application packaged within a p3d file, you would load models without an extension: loadModel(‘Lego_man_CompleteA2’) instead of loadModel(‘Lego_man_CompleteA2.egg’). If you omit the extension, the default is .egg when you’re running from the SDK, but .bam when you’re running from the p3d, and packp3d automatically converts .egg files to .bam files.

As to the signature, you have to sign p3d files that you want to embed in a web page, as described in the manual.


im looking at … n_security but dont really get what im supposed to be editing to sign it…does that mean I gotta remake my .p3d file?