packp3d with PySerial and ctypes

i have an app which runs fine without packing.
but when i use packp3d , it gives me some error messages regarding panda3d.core and serial (which is PySerial).
it generates a p3d file anyway.
but the p3d file can’t be run, it generates error messages regarding serial and ctypes. mostly it says VSI import error.
pyserial is not a module supported officially by Python or Panda, but ctypes is a built-in module from Python.

is it true that ctypes doesn’t work with packp3d?
and is it possible to make PySerial work with packp3d?

ctypes is included in the morepy list; use -r morepy on the packp3d command line.

I don’t know about serial; it’s not in our standard list. If it’s a pure Python module, it should work; but if it was written to require some compiled C code, then you’d have to build and host your own package to include it, which is a fair amount of work.


Thanks, adding ‘-r morepy’ seems to solve the problem of both ctypes and serial, although i still have other problems (file path) to solve in order to run the p3d file.