Packp3d with Astron

In my previous post I was rather reluctant to use packp3d well I’m very very VERY glad that I did decide to try it again!!! BUT I’m now using the Panda3d fork with Astron support so I have run into some new problems, I read that packp3d only builds against the public build of panda3d so I was wondering if there is anyway I can make packp3d detect the astron pieces?

(I’m sorry if this Isn’t really the right place to post this but I’m not sure what todo for now) :slight_smile:

Glad packp3d works for you!

However, I’m afraid it does build against the public Panda3D build. Perhaps the Astron guys would be willing to set up a version of the runtime distribution for Astron’s Panda3D build.