packp3d Video issue

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the barrage of help requests.

In my unpacked program, everything runs as expected. After packing the program into a p3d file i get an issue with the background video not playing.

If i use loader.LoadTexture() to load the video, the program crashes on startup with the message of:
Import Error: Could not load texture: MyTexture.

When i run the program through the editor i am using, the video plays.

If i replace loader.loadTexture with tex = MovieTexture(‘Name’) and then put‘MyMovie’) and then pack the program into a p3d file, i do not get an error message but the video does not play, it is instead replaced by a black background whereas it does play when i run the same code through my editor.

This is the panda3D log session:

I do get the following error message repeatedly running the code through the editor but the video plays nonetheless.

I have tried the video in both avi and mp4.
Any ideas why this is happening?



Solved it.

I only needed to add -n AVI (extension of my movie) while packing the game so the movie does not get compressed.
It worked after that.

Hopefully it will be helpful to someone.