Packp3d unable to find panda3d.core

When attempting to package using packp3d any modules referenced by panda3d.core are not found, but using the old pandac.PandaModules works just fine. The command being used for windows is:

packp3d -o myapp.p3d -d c:/myapp

I have the same problems under linux

Uh, it shows that warning, but it works fine anyways. So you can safely use panda3d.core and ignore the error.

drwr, is there a way we can squelch this warning?

Hmm, perhaps we have to make a special case for the panda3d module in Packager? I’ll look into it.


Note that, because the panda3d module is included in the panda3d package, it doesn’t explicitly need to be included. We could simply squelch the warning, I think. (Maybe adding it to okMissing, or so?)